Almond Chocolate Nib Cookies

Almond Chocolate Nib Cookies

These cookies are practically perfect. To start, the chocolate nibs lend a crunchy chocolate bite without overwhelming you with sweetness, while the almonds make them sweetly satisfying…

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Guinness Triple-Ginger Cake

This particular cake is dense with heaps of finely grated ginger, as well as powdered ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and cloves. It gets its almost chocolatey depth from both molasses and a pint o’Guinness…well, maybe just a half-pint. But you can sip the other half while you measure, mix, and pop your ginger cake in the oven.

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In Hot Pursuit: Barcelona with the Family

 In Barcelona last July I got the kind jolt that only the rocket fuel of a great trip can deliver: Over 5 colorful, dizzy, hot days my family and I burned through an action-packed, throw down of walking, swimming, tasting, sampling, sweating and culture soaking in...

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Wonderbag Santa Maria-Style Baked Beans

Have you ever tasted something so delicious that you remember the exact spot, time and day where you ate it? Get ready for the most tasty, warm pot of smokey, tomatoey, slightly spicy baked beans you have ever had.

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Our store is open!

After nearly 2 years of designing, revising, planning and sewing, we're happy to announce the opening of EQUIPE's online store, We feature original and lasting products for design-minded people. Our products are thoughtfully crafted by EQUIPE and our...

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Around here there’s a steady stream of things to be made & mended. See & share these projects. Read more

Creative Everyday

Feeling creative is nice. Doing creative is so much more satisfying. Join our journey to flex creative muscles daily. Read more

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