The flowers speak for themselves. They are a splash of intense color wrapped in delicate piles of petals. Just gather up a handful, add a little euphorbia for contrast, pop them in a mason jar and enjoy their beauty.

Every spring we welcome grandparents and special friends to our elementary school in San Rafael. This is a chance for visitors to see students in their daily habitat, share breakfast with other families, and hear voices of teachers and students echo the magic of their school.

We hit the farmer’s market early to make the breakfast beautiful and, once the day is over, send our special friends home with a little bouquet. 67 bouquets of ranunculus get wrangled into 135 sweet little bundles that light up all of the tables for the sit down breakfast. As the cool, sunny morning draws to a close, our team of parents quickly transform the table bouquets into sweet little bundles wrapped in crisp newspaper and twine – handed to visitors as they depart.

The whole thing is so heartwarming, seeing friends’ and family’s eyes light up when handed a sweet springy bouquet that says, “Thank you for being here.”







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