Let me introduce myself. I am Johanna Leestma La Fleur, designer, entrepreneur and enthusiastic observer of things beautiful, clever and original. I love to travel, cook, spark ideas, garden, sew and cycle. I am a mother and an eager collaborator. Oh, and I am a juggler, no really.

Why Equipe? Pronounced the French way (ay-keep) means “team”. And that’s what I’m seeding and celebrating here: creative teamwork that will knock your socks off. Here you’ll also visit destinations that have inspired me and sample things I and my Equipe cohorts are making, cooking, hacking and plotting.

This is my first blog, though not my first effort as a business & design instigator. I have helped create businesses and brands for clients and started up one or two of my own. I’ve helped produce events, develop DIY and craft projects and lately, turned my passion for travel, textiles and design into Equipe Dispatches.

I humbly ask that if you see something you like here, share it by telling a friend, or sharing a favorite post on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. I’d also love it if you’d leave a comment about yourself, what you’ve liked and what brought you here. I can be reached at johanna@equipe.design

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