One Colorful Day in San Jose del Cabo

It’s not so uncommon in these days of cruise travel to have just one day – or even just a few hours in a destination. That was the case for me while on holiday with extended family, when I landed in San Jose del Cabo at the tip of the Baja peninsula on New Year’s Day this year.

While many people slept off a late night of celebrations, I got up, loaded up my EQUIPE SuperTote with water, note pad, iPhone and sunblock, and headed and out to take maximum advantage of my precious few hours in port in Baja. Moored in Cabo San Lucas, we opted to spend our time revisiting the quaint and colorful historic center of San Jose del Cabo, 50 Kilometers to the southeast. Because our time was limited, we kept our ambitions modest: a walk to explore and time to eat a good local lunch. It was New Year’s Day after all, and we like the town itself, were moving a bit slowly.

We began by jumping on the local bus ($2.50 pp. one way), for the 30 minute ride to the edge of the arts district in San Jose del Cabo. We ended with a $40 taxi ride (for 4 of us) directly back to the port. In between we were happy to see the town itself of San Jose del Cabo changed subtly since our last visit 12 years ago: more shops and galleries along the single story lined narrow streets, more decorations on street lights and canopied above the streets, and more visitors strolling the streets.A lovely and original selection of textiles and crafts from many regions of Mexico as well the works of local makers and artists were on display in the many boutiques dotting the Centro Historico (see collage at top of post). A charming way to spend a cool January day in southern Baja, well worth the visit even if it was just a short sampling.

Stops along the way:

Casa Natalia Hotel: A lovely boutique hotel and restaurant where we had a delicious lunch of ceviche, quesadillas, and pumpkin seed studded citrus salad. Blvd. Mijares Centro Historico
23400 San José del Cabo, MX

Encanto Inn + Suites Hotel: Located on a charming corner in the Centro Historico, this hotel drew us in with glimpses of it’s charming garden courtyard and pool, hidden behind a bougainvillea draped wall.  133, Jose Maria Morelos, Centro, 23400 San José del Cabo, B.C.S., Mexico.

Parroquia San Jose: Constructed on it’s current site in 1753, the jesuit church in the center of town, welcomes with it’s large doors open and cool and serene space within.

What I Brought Back:



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